Adventure Motorcycle Camping Cookware GSI

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Eating well on two wheels is what we strive for

Heading out on your motorcycle for a camping trip? Sounds like a great adventure and a much-needed break from routine, but what are you going to do about your ride? Just as you pack gear for yourself on your outdoors trip, so you should prepare gear for your bike. This should serve as a sheltering tent around your ride, protecting it from the elements while parked.

Of course, the best motorcycle camping gear can fulfill some extra functions as well, not just serve as an oversized raincoat. Our guide will walk you through everything you need to pay attention at when shopping for the best motorcycle camping gear. Many features are listed in advertising brochures, but as a regular consumer at their first buy, it’s hard to discern the ones you actually need.  Let’s start with our tried and tested top picks and why we would trust each of them with our rides.

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