APG Mega Camping Stove Cooking System with Canister Stabilizer | Propane Burner Outdoor Camp Stove 1.6-Liter



  • INTEGRATED COOKING SYSTEM: All-in-one stove, a secure-locking pot, a lid with pour spout and filter, and a fuel canister stabilizer. Net weight: 21 oz. Lightweight but BIGGER volume. GREAT VALUE! (NOTE: Coleman fuel canister may not work well with this stove, please see Product Description for more detail)
  • MAXIMIZED EFFICIENCY: Our heat exchanger technology improves heating efficiency by 30%, boiling 0.5-liter water in over 2 minutes. Insulated Neoprene Sleeve covering the pot reduces heat loss and protects your hands from scalding
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Nested-design 1.6-Liter Pot conveniently packs the stove, fuel canister (sold separately), and foldable canister stabilizer inside. All into a free stuff sack. Save more space for your backpack!
  • IGNITION & WINDPROOF: Push button piezo ignitor makes firing and heating up easier. Windproof technology makes sure 100% air combustion and resistant to harsh outside conditions. Consistent performance at extreme altitudes
  • VERSATILITY: Sturdy stove, fits for any outdoor terrain, from mountains to beaches. APG offers you best Affordable camping gear and survival kit – now a camp stove that you can use for any adventure such as Traveling, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking. Brew Coffee, Tea and Water. Cook MRE, Dehydrated Meals, Ramen, Oatmeal and more at your choice.
  • From the manufacturer


    APG Mega Cooking System – 1.6 Liter

    A Sturdy and Reliable Stove with Even Bigger Volume

    The APG Mega is a powerful camp stove cooking system great for group cooking. It has even bigger volume yet is surprisingly lightweight and compact thanks to its nested design. Featuring heat exchanger, APG Mega backpacking stove is incredibly fast and fuel-efficient, boiling water faster by 30% than common stoves. The pot is equipped with strong foldable handle, which makes you hold larger meals easily.

    As a group of camping enthusiasts, our team here at APG, dedicate ourselves to providing fellow camping lovers, the best quality camping equipment at an affordable price. Let us introduce to you an AFFORDABLE Cooking System that EVERYONE can enjoy on your next camping trip. Spend LESS on equipment, spend MORE on food and the experience. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

    • High-capacity 1.6-liter cooking pot with heat exchanger, ideal for 2-4 people
    • Insulating neoprene sleeve to protect your hands and keep heat
    • Lid with pour spout and filter
    • Reliable push-button piezo igniter
    • Precise flame control
    • Dependable canister stabilizer to make your stove steadier
    • Convenient stuff sack to pack stove and begin your adventure today

    A Powerful, Portable and Easy-to-use Cooking System






    Yes, it boils water lightning fast. Featuring heat exchanger, the pot absorbs most heat possible from stove with extremely high efficiency; the wind-proof design protects the flame and reduces heat loss, endowing consistent performance in harsh weather conditions.


    Nested-designed pot conveniently stacks all the parts inside, including the stove burner, 230g fuel canister (sold separately) and a canister stabilizer. Save more space for your backpack. Say goodbye to bulky camping gear and make your trek more relaxing!


    Made of food grade hard-anodized Aluminum, which contributes to a lightweight cooking system that only weighs 21.9 oz while with such a big volume. A stuff sack with drawstring closure packs the entire system so you can easily hang it on your backpack.

    Easy to Use

    Outdoor cooking has never been easier. Simply pour water or coffee into pot, light the burner, and then put the pot on top of burner until it securely locks. Wait for about 2 min and you’re ready to enjoy hot drinks. Prepare hot meals, mre, dehydrated meals on the go.

    1 1 1 1 1
    Mini Cooking System Mount Cooking System Mega Cooking System Hulk Cooking System Dual Fuel Portable Stove
    Ideal For Solo Cooking Ultimate Cooking Group Cooking Versatility Cooking Versatility Cooking
    Volume 0.9-Liter Pot 1.4-Liter Pot 1.6-Liter Pot 0.4-Liter Pan Above 0.75-Liter Pot 0.5-Liter Fuel Tank
    Fuel Type Propane, Butane, Isobutane Propane, Butane, Isobutane Propane, Butane, Isobutane Propane, Butane, Isobutane Unleaded Gasoline White Gas
    Pushbutton Ignition
    Flame Control
    Removable Neoprene Sleeve
    Accessories Included Extra Neoprene Sleeve Stuff Sack Fuel Canister Stabilizer Stuff Sack Fuel Canister Stabilizer Stuff Sack Fuel Canister Stabilizer Pan Support Stand Stuff Sack Maintenance Tool Replacement O-ring Rubber Fuel Funnel Stuff Sack
    Weight 14 oz (405 grams) 15.5 oz (440 grams) 21.9 oz (620 grams) 19 oz (540 grams) 30.6 oz (870 grams)
    Group Size 1-2 People 1-3 People 2-4 People 1-2 People 1-4 People