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My doggie brothers and I were tired of staying home and at kennels while our owners would go vacation.Leaving us behind…? that was mistake, and a lesson I will never forget!  Some of my dogs went to the pound (They were just Pups!) While me and the others found all kinds of things to chew up… I don’t know what the big deal was all about? there is no way I would ever let any other dog chew on my owners things!  But still they were mad, so now they brings us along now thanks to the products they found on !

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The package includes 1 hat and 1 black sunglasses. Hat and aviator sunglasses can also be used one by one

  • Protect your dear best friend’s head from the sun light and hard wind while riding bicycle or going outdoor activities during the summer. The internal sponge material helps to fit pet’s head in
  • The windproof and rainproof sunglasses protect him / her eyes hard wind, UV and foreign substances causing irritation by entering the eye. This protective dog goggles specially developed for dog breeds that are susceptible to sunlight caustic UV rays
  • Protective cool glasses has very comfortable use by the soft lense frames and adjustable double strap system
  • WARNİNG SIZES: Sunglasses is one size and only black color for all and NOT SUIT FOR SMALL FACE DOGS(Like Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher ) it is good for Bichon, pugs, bull dogs, golden retriever etc. that more than 12 Pounds. SİZE OF HAT : Small: Diameter About 4 inches ( head circumference : 12.4 inch)Medium: Diameter About 5 inches ( head circumference : 15.6 inch) Large: Diameter About 6 inches ( head circumference : 18.7 inch)
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     |  Color:Black

    Why Do We Add an UV Protection Eyewear in Hat Package for Free?

    There are two common causes for dogs to wear protective goggles. It is for protecting eyes from injury or protecting eyes from the sun or wind. There are indications for both.

    Is there any effect of the breed on the situation?

    When it comes to vision, some breeds are more likely than others to have issues with their eyes. Boston Terriers, Shih Tzus, Pugs, and other breeds known as brachycephalics have prominent eyeballs. Prominent eyeballs are much more susceptible to abrasions, ulcers, and cuts

    Because their eyes are wide and closer to the ground, brachycephalics tend to go to plants or other material that can damage their eyes. For this reason, they can use protective goggles while outdoors to prevent self-trauma to the eyes.

    As ShopTrend we are sure that a pet owner who need a protective dog hat against sun light and hard wind , will wish to buy a protective eyewear for the little best friend

    It may take some time for your dog to get used to wearing them, but eventually they will become part of the regular routine for getting ready to go outside. If the benefit of eye protection isn’t enough to convince your buddy to wear them, just remind them that they’ll be the coolest dog anywhere they go

    WARNİNG SIZES: Sunglasses is one size for all and NOT SUIT FOR SMALL FACE DOGS(Like Chihuahua,Miniature Pinscher) it is good for Bichon,pugs,bull dogs,golden retriever etc.

    Please measure your pet’s head circumference before the purchase.

    Safety Alert: Product is NOT a dog MOTORCYCLE HELMET . It may not protect against impact, multiplication, fall or trauma. Please do use a real protective helmet while riding

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